Useful Resources

Below is a list of useful tools and links. If you have any suggestions to include anything please send me a comment. Thanks.

General Dev


Azure Links

Visual Studio Online Links

Xamarin Links

HTML, CSS + JavaScript Links

Visual Studio Extensions I use and recommend

Visual Studio 2015

  • Developer Assistant
  • Bootstratp Snippet Pack
  • Entity Framwork Reverse POCO Generator
  • Glyphfriend
  • Productivity Power Tools 2015
  • Test Generator NUnit extension
  • Tangeable T4 Editor
  • Open command line
  • PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio 2015
  • SideWaffle Template Pack
  • Dummy Text Generator

Windows Phone 8 Links

Game Development Links

General Training Links

  • Channel 9 – Excellent training videos, Microsoft focused.
  • – can’t recommend this site enough. I spend a lot of time training here! Huge range of subjects.
  • Microsoft Virtual Academy – Great free training on Microsoft and open technologies

Mapping and GIS Stuff


One thought on “Useful Resources

  1. Hi Nick,

    For a total beginner with a lack of knowledge of cloud computing and programming, which course would you recommend me to take first out of 70-532. 70-533 and 70-534.

    I want to learn Azure so I can have a change in career. I am comfortable in building computers and fixing software and hardware problems but programming and cloud computing is new to me.

    Thanks in advance.


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